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March 3, 2013
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City Night (Grafitti Slenderverse references) by UmmuVonNadia City Night (Grafitti Slenderverse references) by UmmuVonNadia
Name: Grafitti
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: 3 January
Height: 1m 76cm
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Significant Flower: Yellow Daffodil
Right handed 

- White mask with black and yellow strip print (The black actually is the tinted glass act like sunglasses, since he cant stand the flash light)
- Wearing black glove (except when he become Danny)
- White, blue and yellow strip varsity with hood <----- style something like this, but more loose and larger. And also diffrent colour.
- White shirt inside varsity
- Black cargo pants
- White and black strip Adidas shoes

Grafitti is a sleeper type proxy, it means he had to deal other personality, Danny. He loyal Slenderman as his master (as he call Slendy as "sir") and become creepy stalker. Polite and can tolerate to other people. He remain calm and silent when he do the work, but happily-go-lucky when comes to creeper friends. Well known as he is too "genius", and always have question mark. Really? Seriously? It is? More likely he always have question to ask, curious about everything.
Sometimes lose his memory, and sometimes gain another person memory. Thats why sometimes he say weird and out-topic sentences. (how many sometimes I use it just now?...... =w= ) he can manage his temper.....[But just dont make him mad no matter what]

Unlike Danny, another personality, he paranoid and coward in everything dark and scary. He dont like beeing social too much, plus he not a friendly person. Beside being cold tempered, he try to avoid any people who want to know him. Gladly he got friends even he had this behavior. He tend to look cold because he have to control her emotion, he suffer some mood swing

Main job he do is make and eliminate evidence for Slenderman, for drag potential victim to Operator (another Slenderman name) and get rid of Slenderman's trace and track. Unlike Masky and Hoody, he more into the cityscape. In special agility, he know parkour and stunt (jump on top of roof and climb at the greatest height), an advantage for running away and escape from danger. If you found Grafitti stalking at you, you probably remember what you do, or what you "taking" from Slenderman.

Friends/allies : Slender family and all his apprentice (include Masky and Hoody), Ben, Eyeless Jack
Enemies: Jeff the killer (he always bullied by him), Smile dog (he afraid all kind of dog), Zalgo (too evil to him) Observer (donno, he also have no idea why he hate him), Offenderman (the only Slender family that he doesn't respect, and you know why)

Likes : Chocolate (addicted), all kind of art (mostly street art), nature, run away from police (every time police chase him, in the end, they forget everything on that incident), doing graffiti (mark his territory), night time, going up the top roof and watch the cityscape.
Dislikes: Dogs, drugs, alcohol, bitter (even medicine), art critic, pollution, remove his mask, forgot something.

Method of killing : He dont do killing spree because his job more to stalking. When he does, it could be artistic. He have Butterfly Knife in the poket, just in case if someone want to ambush him. In addition, he can combine his pocket chain to his knife [As you can see his action]

Quote : "Cause the city never sleeps at night" <----- Quote given by saltycuccumbers

His history story <------------------------------mind blowing sentences if you look closely

On May 12, there was an incident where the most wanted gangster group took two hostages. They brought them into an abandoned house in the forest, in exchange for their leader who was caught by the police. One of them was Danny and his older brother. At that time Danny was nine years old.

It was a typical victim moment, until the hostages fear began. One of the group members accidentally shot Danny's brother's chest. With them tied up with a mouth shut, Danny couldn’t do anything but cry. His brother understood Danny's emotion, and he tries to smile even when he was going to die. His brother said that everything will be alright, with no voice and body language.

At that time, the group member shot another bullet to him. The reason why is to end him fast, so he don’t have to suffer any more pain. It is a nine years old nightmare to see his own brother get killed right in front of his own eyes. Danny cried more.

After that, one of the members told them that the SWAT police unit was coming and was going to arrest everyone. Because they didn't reach their goal, they were ready to end Danny just like his brother. It was useless for keeping the hostages alive when the main purpose has failed.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, and a black figure came in. The gangsters were shocked that the unwanted guest had no face with a black suit. It approach them slowly. Being stubborn, they still tried to shoot him with an M16 gun. Unfortunately that made him very angry. Sheath and deadly, he killed everyone in the house, except Danny.

After having fun with all the group members, he walked slowly to Danny. The boy was still scared, but he didn't dare move because of his shock. The guest with black suit didn't kill him, instead of he tried to be nice to him. He can feel that the guest actually cared for him most. Then, he fainted after have eye contact with him.

One minute later, the SWAT Team come in. They were stunned by the horrifying surrounding. The walls were covered by blood and dead meat was splatted everywhere. They only saw Danny lying down with his dead brother. The crime investigators were going to come later. With the victims having, deep wounds and the corpses teared away, the forensic team considered it as a wild bear attack.

Eleven years have passed, but the memory still haunted Danny. He never told anyone about the truth behind the gangster mass murder. After the incident, he was haunted by the black figure, but he set his mind that it was only illusion. However, he doesn't even know that he has another “personality†as Slenderman’s proxy.


Fun fact:

- Grafitti is chocolate lover, not obsessed. Thus he willing to share some chocolate to everyone (share the sweetness joy)
- Only posses 2 slender ability, which is slender walk and static
- Have 2 adopted sister, Ivy and Yvette
- He is more run away than take a fight
- Too shy if girls getting to close to him
- His graffiti can turn to life form
- Have Infinity energy, sometimes hyperactive

- Marathon and sprint athletic
- Study in college
- He suffer Schizophrenia (mental illness for short)
- Phobia at getting on the woods
- His varsity jacket actually from his late brother
- Sill have friends to support him to overcome his sickness


Finally I done with Grafitti, I write this myself and I really proud of it, because I dont usual write a long story. :iconmanlytearsplz:
Grafitti is not that creepy and not same with other Creepers, not to mention not have gore story, sorry.
I write this as good as I could, use dictionary and Google translator (and my brain sometimes become odd and weird). So, if something mistaken, please let me know (I know grammar nazi there) hope everyone understand his story.
Thank you
Credit to :iconphoenixofwildfires: , I use her OC data to become my references.

Danny expression
Danny with his friends
First draw him, quite ugly
Grafitti and Kagekao
Danny and Grafitti [Link] [Link]
Doodle 1
Doodle 2
Formal outfits

CreepyPasta OC Dictionary

*malay language section (more like realese my tension)*
Pergh, bangga den dah siapkan karangan ni, sakit nak memikirkan cerita yang serba pelik ni. Haish.... w@â€
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